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  • You have entered the 4.7L Performance ZONE!

    If you're looking for 4.7L performance, you have come to the right place. We have been supporting the 4.7L engines since 2002! We get calls from around the world from customers looking to increase the performance out of their 4.7L engines. No matter if your looking to increase MPG, towing ability or improved acceleration we can help you reach your goals!

    Vist our website for the most complete 4.7L performance parts found in one place. We offer everything from our modified Sullivan aluminum Single Plane intake manifold, Intake manifold adapter plates (allow you to mount the 03/04 Cobra Eaton M112 Supercharger to your Dodge/Jeep 4.7L), throttle body adapter plates (allow you to mount the 08-13 4.7L to the 99-07 4.7L), CNC ported heads, solid lash adjusters, headers, exhaust mods & custom bring your combo all together. The list of parts does not end there... visit AIR RAM PERFORMANCE and find the parts your needing for your 4.7L project!

    Not only do we offer the parts, we offer first hand experience building the 4.7L engines.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


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    Can I do any performance mods to my 2007 4.7 flex


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      Originally posted by Chris View Post
      Can I do any performance mods to my 2007 4.7 flex

      There is quite a bit you can do to increase the performance of your FLEX 4.7L.
      1. Electric fan - Removing the clutch fan is a SOLID 10 RWHP gain
      2. CAMS -
        1. H/O camshafts. +20-25RWHP
        2. (H/O REGRINDS to choice of 206/212/218 and more)
        3. 2008-UP Cams - More aggressive than HO cams.
      3. Cold Air Intake. These are worth 10-12 HP... dont fall for any claims of more... Still worth while.
      4. Solid Lash adjusters - 1999-20013 3.7L & 4.7L - this is a great mod that is worth 15HP.
      5. TONE/RELUCTOR RINGS - 16-tooth or 32-tooth - For those who want to use a 2011 4.7L Short block on a 1999 4.7L vehicle (visa versa)
      6. SCAT H-BEAM RODS - (Rods direct bolt on to the 4.7L crank)
      7. ROSS PISTONS - (Intended to be used with our SCAT RODS
      8. 10:1cr - Cast piston rebuild kits - For those who want added performance without needing forged pistons and rods.
      9. ARP BOLTS - (Head studs, working on rod bolts)
      10. CNC PORTED HEADS - Our race ported heads with the right mods have made over 320RWHP!
      11. PORTED THROTTLE BODYS - 70mm is recommended for most applications -
      12. ALUMINUM INTAKE - Sullivan Intake manifold is the perfect intake for those who plan to run Nitrous, turbo or centrifugal superchargers.
      13. Custom Tuning - SCT or HP Tuner -
        1. 1999-2003 - We can tune almost everything from 4.7L, 3.7L 5.7L 6.1L 6.2L 6.4L... contact us and let us know what have.
      14. Superchips - 1999-Up 4.7L - This is a great mod for those who do not need custom tuning. Noticeable gains with several user features.
      This is just a short list... there are many other mods available.

      Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns... there isn't much we haven't done with a 4.7L!



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        I recently acquired a 2001 4.7l Dakota. The valve seat slipped around the valve a dinged the piston. it broke the valve guide on the opposite side of the head. I understand this requires a replacement head but is there any way to keep this from happening again? These engines are expensive to replace parts on. I am contemplating a 5.9l swap but am running into the whole VIN match for ECU, BCM, and Instrument cluster. Is there any way to bypass any of that with aftermarket?