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  • Group buy section in works

    We are working on a group purchase section on our website. In order to participate you will need to register on our site. That will allow you to view, create and participate in ongoing group purchases. We are still learning the ins and outs of how it will work... but in time we will have it working to YOUR advantage. It basically works by volume. The more customers join a specific product GP, the lower the cost is for us to get them.

    The idea is we have 10 people who want part x that normally goes for $200.00... when we buy 10x of them at once we are able to get them at a lower price point and pass that savings on to you and sell it to you at a discounted price for $20.00 or more off... It all depends on the product and the manufactures set minimum sales prices... however if there is enough people, we may be able to convince them to allow it.

    More will come on this... feel free to make suggestions and share ideas.